Tue. Jan 19th, 2021


The ghost of someone who died changing their duvet cover has been photographed at a house in Newry.

The spectre was snapped by Debs McGeown as she was lying on her bed shaving her bikini line.

She told Newry Spud:

“I was just shaving my bikini line out when all of a sudden, this bloody big ghost came through the wall. He was wailing and all that sort of stuff. I was in shock because I had my beaver right out on display. The ghost took one look and then disappeared back through the wall, but not before I could grab my phone and take a photo of the thing. It wasn’t scary as such – it just made me jump because I wasn’t expecting anyone to walk through the wall.”

Ghost expert Harry Williams said:

“This type of ghost is the most common type of ghost. Many people die trying to put their duvet covers on and they spend the rest of eternity, walking around with it on their heads, trying to find the corners. We are grateful for Deborah taking the picture as there aren’t many of them in existence.”

Deborah finished off her bikini line without any mishap.

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