Frazer & Hyland In Football Themed Peace Agreement


In an extraordinary and significant move forward towards peace and reconciliation two local political figures from polar opposite ends of the political and cultural divide have agreed to wear face paint while Ireland and Northern Ireland play their games at the European Championships.

Behind the scenes negotiations between Newry Spud’s editorial team took place overnight with Independent Republican Councillor Davy Hyland and Loyalist campaigner Willie Frazer in order to bring together both sides of the community during the football tournament.

Amazingly we have managed what undoubtedly Mahatma Gandhi couldn’t achieve by getting the two men to agree to the deal.

During Northern Ireland & England games, Mr Hyland will wear the St Georges Cross on his face to represent the Protestant population of Newry who may side traditionally with both those teams.

Mr Frazer will wear the Irish tricolour on his face during Republic of Ireland games as a sign that he ‘has moved on’.

Both men will hold a press conference after the Euro’s to speak about their move forward to acceptance of each other’s culture and diversity.