Sun. Jan 24th, 2021


Self-styled victims campaigner Willie Frazer has sensationally claimed that Conor McGregor who  won the UFC featherweight championship belt by beating Brazilian Jose Aldo with a 13 second knock out on Saturday night has a connection to the IRA.

Frazer claimed that Aldo’s training camp was infiltrated by republican spies.  Speaking today Mr Frazer said “Them tramps in the RA had spies in Aldo’s training camp.  It’s bad enough we have terrorists in government but now we see the IRA involved in the highest echelons of mixed martial arts.”


Mr Frazer has called on the Loyalist people of Ulster to protest the victory of McGregor stating “It was unfair that he bate thon Brazilian fella giving the help received by republican terrorists, we the Protestant people of Ulster will hold a protest outside Belfast City Hall next Saturday.  I call on all the 12 people who were there protesting against the refugee’s coming in to our wee country to show up next week also.”

Conor McGregor’s spokesperson P. O’Neill has refuted Frazer’s allegations in a phone call to Newry Spud’s office using a recognised code word.

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