Four Of OUR Councillors Shortlisted For ‘Best Politicial Haircut In Ireland’


Four of our elected Councillors have been selected for the final of ‘Best Male Hair Cut in Irish Councils’ the prestigious all Ireland wide search for the best hair cut for an elected official.

The four finalists are TUV’s Henry Reilly, SDLP’s Brian Quinn, DUP’s Glyn Hanna and the SDLP’s Gary Stokes.

The 4 were shortlisted out of a group of 2,500 other contestants and they all have quite a serious chance to win the coveted title.

Here are the judges’ comments in short about each contestant.

Henry Reilly: Edgy 1993 style ‘Curtains’ at the front of head showing a disregard for modern culture and bringing a retro flavour to the competition.

Brian Quinn: Keeping in the style of the famous mullet, he has a Chris Waddle-esque cut to him. While it is somewhat ridiculous looking, he carries it off well.

Glyn Hanna: A beautiful cut that says ‘Fuck it, I don’t own a hair brush’ it really is a risqué style but he seems to be able to pull it off somehow.

Gary Stokes: Gary carries the Deirdre Barlow style off perfectly. Light in substance but wears it effortlessly.

Newry Spud offers our support to the four local representatives doing the City and surrounding districts proud.