Sat. Dec 5th, 2020


Former SDLP Councillor and Warrenpoint’s answer to Alan Sugar Connaire McGreevy and his girlfriend have caused uproar today in the small Clonallon play park.

Newry Spud have been sent an EXCLUSIVE photo of Mr McGreevy and his partner believed to be of the name ‘Lisa’ playing on the swings minutes after bullying and sending children out of the park.

One onlooker spoke to Newry Spud:

“We were at the park with the kids then Mr McGreevy and his girlfriend came in. We thought nothing of it until we seen McGreevy get a 7 year old boy in a head lock and tell him to get out of the park as he wanted the swings for himself.”

We spoke to Mr McGreevy who said:

“I wanted them little shits to know that I was the boss. They were hogging the swings and Lisa really wanted to have a go on them. So, I exercised my right as the biggest in the park at the time and sent the little bollixes packing. After all I have done for this community I think a private play park isn’t a massive thing to ask for.”


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