Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

Two of Armagh’s best forwards in the modern era have found themselves in hot water with the Armagh County Board, the GAA and the PSNI after an unfortunate incident on Friday evening we can reveal.

Steven McDonnell and Oisin McConville both now BBC gaelic games commentators and analysts are thought to have ‘bate the shite out of each other’ at a GAA event when McConville told McDonnell he has a ‘real nice face for radio’.

McDonnell who can’t break into the TV game but who is a regular on BBC Radio Ulster took the joke personally and attacked the Crossmaglen man with a savage punch causing McConville to retaliate.

One onlooker told Newry Spud:

“Stevie took Oisin’s joke about him personally because we all know he’s mad jealous that Oisin is on TV and he’s stuck on a microphone in a cold press box. There seemed to be real bad blood between them.”

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