Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

ep4f (20)

There were joyous scenes in Forkhill today with the news that the village will get BT Cellnet coverage from next month.

The small run down shanty village has yet to be connected to the mobile communications world like the rest of the Newry district.

While most of us will remember the now defunct BT Cellnet from 1999 the folk of Forkhill are still getting to grips with Morse Code and smoke signals.

We spoke to one Forkhill resident Micky WebbedFeet and he said:

“There is a buzz around the village; this is something out of the ordinary for us. I got myself a new Philips C-12 it’s quite an invention. We just can’t wait now to be able to use these new yokes when we get connected to BT Cellnet.”

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