Thu. Feb 25th, 2021
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A Crossmaglen woman has admitted publicly for the first time that her ‘guilty pleasure’ is not Eastenders or a bar of chocolate but ‘flicking her bean’.

The 26 year-old woman made the confession while in Bellini’s last night after having a few too many vodkas.

Newry Spud caught up with the woman who’s right arm is suspiciously bigger than her left and she told us:

“All the girls were saying their guilty pleasure is things like a packet of Malt & Vinegar McCoy’s crisps or a Star Bar. Then it came to my turn and I just said ‘I love playing my banjo string twice a day’.

To say the mood turned is an understatement. The girls couldn’t even look at me all night. I went home on my own at 11pm. It was OK, I just flicked my bean all night in the house LOL.”

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