Arlene Foster has come out about her ‘painful’ double life as a cross-dresser we can reveal.

In a WORLD EXCLUSIVE for Newry Spud Mrs Foster said she has struggled for years with her double identity and hopes the good people of the North can accept her for who she really is.

Mrs Foster told us for half of the week she likes to go by the name ‘Alan’ where she wears men’s clothing. Her public persona however is ‘Arlene’ the tough no compromise politician.

Speaking as ‘Alan’ she/he told us:

“It’s been a tough old struggle to be honest but its time I came out to the world and embraced my two sides. I wish to keep my male side personal and private and behind closed doors but it’s time I came clean and told people who I really am. By the way, do you like this new beard I’m growing?”