Thu. Feb 25th, 2021
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A local family have said they are ‘growing concerned’ at how keen and eager their Ma and are to visit the Bernish Viewpoint we can reveal.

The married couple in their late 50’s have been seen with massive smiles on their faces after returning to the local beauty spot leaving their family wondering what’s going on.

The couple’s son told us:

“They started going up to the Bernish for a spin every now and again and we thought it was great that they were getting out and about. But lately they have been going up nearly 7 days a week and they come back smelling a bit funky and giggling like kids. Something is suspicious.”

Meanwhile the old randy couple told us:

“The craic up at thon Bernish is wild altogether boy. We meet up with other couples for a bit of fun. When we say fun we mean to ride LOL.”

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