Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

Two prolific Facebook collaborators have purposely ignored each other on Monaghan Street, it has emerged.

Paul Garvey and Panzer Boyle, took obvious and evasive action in order to avoid face to face contact at 11:37 this morning when they ran into each other by chance on their way to the shops, CCTV footage has confirmed.

We spoke with Paul Garvey who made a ridiculous attempt at pretending to study a text message, rather than talking to Panzer said:

‘We’re a digital double act, one of the best – but that doesn’t mean I want to exchange some bullshit about the weather with him, like face to face and shit.”

Boyle who himself had closed his eyes entirely and was feeling his way along a wall to avoid any interaction with Garvey told us:

“Paul’s alright on Facebook but the thought of actually trying to have a real and meaningful conversation with him just makes me want to jump in the canal quite frankly. And, I would probably drown as swimming isn’t my strong point.”

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