Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has personally closed ALL Newry women’s accounts who are taking part in the new ‘craze’ of taking a selfie of yourself and tagging 25 other women to do likewise.

For those not aware of this disastrous craze it looks like:

“Challenge Accepted!! – So here it goes!  All too often we women, find it easier to criticize each other instead of building each other up. Upload 1 picture of yourself.. ONLY you. Then tag 25 or more gorgeous women to do the same.”

Zuckerberg who said his massive and complex Facebook servers were almost ‘melting’ due to the hideous nature of some of the selfies and has instructed his staff to ‘Delete all of those Newry selfie pics, but not the hot ones, leave the hot ones.’

One Newry woman Claire Cyclops told Newry Spud:

“This is an insult to us Newry women. Just because we aren’t perfect and don’t have little size 48 inch waists doesn’t mean we should be stopped taking part in the selfie challenge. I’m outraged and will be letting Facebook know.”

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