Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021


Ethiopia is preparing to answer the prayers of thousands of Newry families this week, after an appeal aired on local TV received a huge response across the African nation.

Weather forecasters have predicted that temperatures in Newry could soar to a punishing 24 degrees by Wednesday, leaving many facing the very real possibility of being mildly uncomfortable in non-air conditioned environments.

The ‘Factor Life Sun Burn Appeal’, which claims that just £5 per-month could keep a hot and bothered Newry family alive for the duration of the summer, has already raised enough to provide most of Newry families with enough sun hats and orange Calypso’s to last until at least September.

Paul Garvey from Newry, who was recently sponsored by an Ethiopian family after suffering with heat rash and a mild headache on a trip to Camlough, said:

“I’ve had the week from hell, tossing and turning, unable to sleep. The support from eastern Africa has been overwhelming.

“I now have enough after sun to last three summers. My sponsor family reckons they have to walk nine miles daily just to access clean water.

“I’m Irish; I was built to withstand drizzle and fog. They’re lucky to have such a wealth of experience”.
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