Local community activist Ernie Campbell’s image will now appear in all local churches Holy Communion wafers it has emerged.

After announcing this week that the PPE fundraiser he is helping to manage reached over £35,000 he had a Skype meeting with the Pope who was so impressed by Campbell’s act of charity that he instructed the Diocese of Down & Connor to show Ernie’s image on Holy Communion wafers until the end of the year.

Mr Campbell’s friend Gavin Malone told us:

“This is a great day for the parish and for the fundraising drive that we have been involved in. Ernie absolutely deserves to appear on the body of Christ. I hope to one day get myself on the Holy Eucharist.”

Mr Campbell was unavailable for comment today but he released a statement through the Vatican saying that he has no connections with the church and he is flattered that his image will appear on Holy Communion wafers.