Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

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Convicted drugs mule Michaella McCollum has moved to Parkhead Newry Spud can reveal.

The 23 year-old who was caught smuggling £1.5 million worth of cocaine to Spain from Peru arrived in Dublin airport on Sunday afternoon.

McCollum spent under 3 years of a six and a half year sentence and was released under the condition that she spends the remainder of her sentence in the Newry slum.

Newry Spoke spent with the Peruvian authorities who said:

“We thought long and hard before letting her return to Ireland. However, this is not a release for her; she will have to spend over 3 years in the ghetto district of Parkhead in Newry. A punishment far more harsh than spending the remainder of her sentence in our Ancon Dos prison.”

We spoke with Michaella McCollum this morning and the tearful woman said:

“I begged them to let me stay in Ancon Dos prison, yes it was horrific, yes there was stabbings and abuse in all of its forms. But when I was told I had to spend the remainder of my sentence in Parkhead Newry I was petrified and shocked at the severity of the punishment.”


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