Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

Disgraced Royal Prince Andrew who yesterday stepped down from public life has said he will start work part-time in The Armagh Down pub on Monaghan Street.

Andrew who was seen with his former best pal and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein had a hilarious interview with the BBC and has ‘had enough’ of public life.

Prince Andrew told us:

“I have decided to take a step back from public life after this total fuck up. As a regular drinker in The Armagh Down in Newry I was very humbled and happy to accept the offer of a job as a part-time barman in the bar.

I will be working in the pub 3 days a week and will reside in my holiday home in Derrybeg and would ak the people of Newry for some privacy at this very difficult time.”

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