Diana Ross Turns Up To Unblock Newry Man’s Drains After He MisDials DynoRod


A Newry man had the shock of his life when iconic singer Diana Ross turned up to unblock his drains after he had miss dialed when calling DynoRod.

Peter O’File, a bin man, thought he had called the emergency drain experts after he’d overloaded it with sewage. Several hours later, he was surprised to find the American singer on his doorstep with a plunger in her hand.

He told Newry Spud:

“My drains were in a real bad state so I picked up my Phone, scrolled down to D and called what I thought was DynoRod. This American lady answered the phone and I told her that my drains were bogging. At first, she tried to get out of it, saying that she was singing in Las Vegas in the evening, but I was quite insistent because I had all this crap coming up in my sinks. She was awfully polite and eventually said that she’d get on the next plane over. It all makes sense now. I shat a brick when I opened the door to her.”

Diana spent a few hours clearing Mr O’File’s drains and they shared a cup of tea and a few Jammie Dodgers afterwards.

Diana told Newry Spud:

“He seemed in such a desperate state when he called me that I couldn’t refuse.”

Peter and Diana then went to the Newry Foresters Club and had a few pints before she flew back to the States in her private Jet.