Sat. Feb 27th, 2021
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Hundreds of middle aged desperate men and lonely MILF’s rejoiced this week with the news that Lacey’s are having another Easter reunion disco we can reveal.

Farmers from the length and breadth of south Armagh, south Down and Louth have been given a real boost with the news that their favourite nightclub is to open its doors for another night full of nostalgia.

The organisers have said they are working with a top fragrance designer to make the night even more like the Lacey’s of old by making sure the room is packed and smelling off Lynx Africa, Joop aftershave and stale urine.

One Facebook poster wrote:

“Can’t wait for the Easter Lacey’s reunion. I lost my virginity around the back of it in 1997 to some Beaure from Dundalk, really special and joyous memories for me. I really hope they sell their drink like they used to, watered down and overpriced to add to the nostalgia.”

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