Derrybeg To Help Facilitate ‘Orange March On 12th of July’ In Shock Move

The people of Derrybeg will let the Orangemen of Newry march through the estate on the 12th of July we can reveal.

The move comes after the Order has cancelled all parades to celebrate the 12th of July due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However community activist Stephen Murney told us:

“We have secured a permit to let over 1000 loyal Orangemen into Derrybeg to march from the bottom of the Meadow up through Derrybeg Estate and onto the Camlough Road.

Councillor Gavin Malone and I will be part of the stewarding team as well as that of course Councillor Malone will be handing out boxes of Milk Tray to any oul dolls who turns up. It’s just the proper thing to do really.”