Derrybeg Shop Offering Cow Milk Straight from The Tit Of ‘Roisin’ The Cow

A Derrybeg shop is making headlines with a new initiative that will cut out going to the shop for the traditional pint of milk.

The small convenience store in the ghetto district of Derrybeg has installed a permanent cow named Roisin and customers will now be able to drink directly from her udders.

A spokeswoman for the shop told Newry Spud:

“It is a new initiative that cuts out the middleman, we are saving the environment by cutting out plastic production and frankly you can’t get much fresher milk than straight from the tit of Roisin.”

Animal rights activists have expressed concern about having a cow standing in a shop for 12 hours a day but the shop owners have insisted Rosisin will be looked after throughout the day and will be well cared for.