An investigation is underway in Newry after ISIS flags have been erected in the Derrybeg area it has emerged today.

Local sources say local Islamic leader ‘Jihadi Paddy’ was seen with several others going around erecting this morning.

One eyewitness told Newry Spud:

“Jihadi Paddy is getting out of control in this estate baah. He was walking around in Islamic dress with others removing the tri-colours and replacing them with ISIS flags.

We are all petrified that the Brits & Cops will start attacking the area, we in Derrybeg don’t know what life like that is like.”

‘Jihadi Paddy’ took time out of his Koran lessons in Derrybeg Community Centre to speak with Newry Spud and said:

“We are ramping up our Islamification of Newry and in particular Derrybeg. Allah is great, stop eating bacon.”