Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

After recently purchasing what his girlfriend refers to as an “absolutely hideous” pair of dealer boots, Peadar O’Fertalizer from Cullyhanna has realized that the shoe purchase is taking an enormous toll on their relationship.

The 24 year-old shit kicker who is in his first relationship with a ‘city girl’ from Newry is distraught she can’t come to grips with the dealer boot/tracksuit bottoms combo.

Peadar’s girlfriend told Newry Spud:

“It’s fucking embarassing. At first it was kinda cute and a funny talking point but now this silly fucker is calling to take me to the cinema with a pair of Armagh GAA tracksuit bottoms on a pair of shit infested dealer boots.

He has only ever been with south Armagh Bueurs who seemingly don’t give two flying fucks what their fella looks like but I certainly won’t be letting him wear dealer boots with tracksuit bottoms again. The fucking weirdo.”

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