David Blaine’s Next Stunt – Spend 60 Minutes In Cobbles Tonight

The world famous magician David Blaine has announced his next illusion that he will travel to Newry for we can reveal.

The illusionist and street magician who once spent 44 days suspended in a Perspex box above the Thames in London has said his next challenge is the hardest he’s ever had to face.

Blaine has said he will attempt to stay in Cobbles for more than an hour tonight, that’s a FULL 60 MINUTES.

Newry Spud spoke to Blaine and he said:

“Usually I don’t mind doing tough tasks, I’ve been frozen in a box of ice, been under water for 17 minutes without air and I’ve spent 44 days in a plastic box but this challenge I fear might just be beyond even my endurance skills.

It’s hard to train for the task as there aren’t many places like the Cobbles on the planet to customise myself so it’s going to be the longest hour of my life if I can actually achieve it.”