Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

Culloville native Dame Vera Lynn will be returned to her native south Armagh tomorrow afternoon for burial we can confirm.

Fondly known as the ‘Forces Sweetheart’ for her war time singing of ‘We’ll meet again’ never forgotten her roots in the small weird little village of Culloville and requested that she be returned there when she died.

The Unofficial Lord Mayor of Culloville Feardia Farrell told us:

“Obviously this is a very sad day for Culloville. Dame Vera or as I called her ‘Big V’ was a great personal friend not just to myself but to everyone who she met when she visited the village.

There was a bit of trouble last year though when she wanted to sell Poppies for the Brits but after a few hot whiskeys we got that sorted. A very sad day indeed for the parish.”

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