Wed. Jan 27th, 2021

A Bessbrook Dad is really, really hoping he doesn’t get another Lynx set from all his children this year again that he’s doing a special Novena he has said.

The Lynx set is again predicted to be the top gift for Newry Dad’s for Christmas even though they still haven’t opened last year’s piece of shit gift sets.

One brave man came forward to talk to Newry Spud, Rodney Quinn told us about his plight saying:

“Every fucking year without fail it’s a Lynx Africa set which essentially is a £1 bottle of shower gel and a rotten smelling body spray. I’m sick of having to put on a brave face and show them a fake smile when opening it.

Like I’m spending through the nose buying them the best of the best and all I get every fucking year is a Lynx set! Fuck this.”

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