Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

A 32 year old man from Cullyhanna who started work last week in Teleperformance has shocked and stunned his co-workers by having a posh accent it has been revealed.

Peadar O’Dealer-Boots who lives in Cullyhanna greeted his new colleagues by saying “Good morning everyone, such a delight to be here with you all, let’s have a most superb day full of joy and productivity.”

One of his co-workers spoke to Newry Spud and said:

“When we heard a fella from Cullyhanna was joining our team we were expecting him to come in and say “Well hi,let’s have a Rulya day and get shhttuucckk in to this hi.”

So when he spoke so eloquently and beautifully we were all taken aback. It’s almost like he’s middle class or something but of course that suggestion is ludicrous and impossible with him being an absolute shit-kicker from Cullyhanna.”

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