Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

The age old question of whether Crossmaglen has a warmer welcome and friendlier atmosphere than Cullyahnna could be answered this weekend, as residents from both areas arrange a mass brawl to finally get to the bottom of it.

Roughly 200 residents from each district will meet at high noon on Saturday on neutral ground, in the playing fields at Silverbridge GAA grounds. The last man standing shall claim victory on behalf of his home area.

We spoke with Crossmaglen resident Peader O’DealerBoots who told us:

“Cross is a pleasant, quaint and peaceful village, and anyone who thinks otherwise will get their teeth kicked down their throat. I hope the Cullyhanna men’s bruises, cracked heads and broken ribs will finally make those bastards down the road realise that us Cross Feins are just nice and decent peaceable folk”.

Boyle’s bookies have now placed Crossmaglen ahead as slight favourites after rumours of an alliance between themselves and nearby Cullaville were confirmed as true.

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