Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020

A Crossmaglen man has expressed his absolute anger and disgust after he forgot his Bebo and MySpace passwords we can reveal.

Ciaran DealerBoots has said he wanted to log on to ‘that interweb yoke’ to check for any updates as it’s been around 7 years since he last saw a computer or a ‘connected to the websites’ mobile phone.

We spoke with Ciaran from his Crossmaglen shack and he told us:

“I just can’t remember the password at all boy. I usually use the same one all the time like ‘uptheRA123’ but it seems not to be working on the Bebo or the MySpace things.”

We can confirm Newry Spud’s Crossmaglen editor showed Ciaran how to access Facebook and gave him a quick recap on internet accessibility even while living in the back hole of nowhere.


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