Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020


Rowallane DUP Councillor William Walker made headlines today after telling a constituent and ratepayer to ‘stop slabbering’ after she questioned the Council’s decision to spend over £5,000 on last year’s Christmas party for the Councillors and staff has told Newry Spud they intend to spend £10,000 on this year’s party.

Councillor Walker whose meal cost over 60% of the amount of money because of his massive appetite and unusually high greed threshold came out fighting after the Irish News ran an article about his stupidity on a Facebook post.

Councillor Walker told Newry Spud after we agreed to give him a £200 meal voucher for the Canal Court’s Carvery:

“Who to fuck do these people on Facebook think they are? Fair enough they are stupidly dumb enough to vote us in to local government but then they think they can call us out for the absolute greed we display and wanton disregard for public money. I wish they’d stop slabbering.”

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