Thu. Feb 25th, 2021
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For many years the question on the lips of horny housewives was ‘who was the Cadbury’s Milk Tray Man?’

Well, today we can sensationally reveal that he is Independent Councillor Gavin Malone.

In recent weeks Councillor Malone has been posting on Facebook photos of himself giving out boxes of Milk Tray to local women and this has led to the councillor finally revealing his true identity.

Councillor Malone told us:

“I let the proverbial mask slip. It was second nature to me to go and give these ladies boxes of Milk Tray. While filming the famous TV adverts I always kept my identity a closely guarded secret but I’ve been caught out here.”

When we asked Councillor Malone why he does it, he simply replied:

“It’s all because the lady loves Milk Tray.”

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