Councillor Hyland Accuses Sinn Fein Of Letting His Bicycle Tyre’s Down


A war has broken out within the Newry, Mourne & Down Council this week.  We can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that Newry Independent Councillor Davey Hyland had the tyres on his bicycle let down and he is pointing the finger firmly at his old comrades within Sinn Fein.

Councillor Hyland who is a keen cyclist and advocate for bike users in the city is said to be outraged and what he calls “An act of mindless vandalism.”

We asked Councillor Hyland who he believed was behind the attack:

“Look, it’s pretty clear and obvious it was certain Sinn Fein members on the council, they have had it in for me from the moment I became an Independent Councillor.  If I had to put money on it, I’d reckon it was Charlie Casey and Terry Hearty.”

We asked Sinn Fein to comment on the allegations but they were unavailable for comment, although they sent a message via the Publicity Department in Dublin from P’O’Neill that read:

“We can absolutely not condone or support any acts of vandalism but we did fuck with Hyland’s beloved bike.”