Sat. Nov 28th, 2020

The City of Newry has announced plans to form a legal and social bond with the Ukrainian city of Chernobyl, in a bid to promote cultural and commercial ties.

Newry SDLP Councillor Gillian Fitzpatrick who has been instrumental in the campaign to pair both cities told Newry Spud:

“The Cities are so aesthetically similar, it’s uncanny. Just look at areas such as North Street and my very own Mayobridge. It’s a match made in heaven. On a personal note I’m looking forward to visiting Chernobyl to see will the toxic air and high winds of the Ivankiv Raion district make my perfectly coiffed hair move a even a millimeter.”

Although the majority of people were pleased with the news, it was quickly followed by a stark warning to residents:

“We must stress that, just because we have twinned with them, it does not mean we recommend our people jump on a plane to go and visit. It’s still an extremely dangerous environment”, said the Mayor of Chernobyl.

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