Council To Sue God over Slieve Gullion Planning Permission

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In an unprecedented move, not content with upsetting the church with their ‘big TV’ the increasingly power hungry council has decided to take on the ‘Supreme being” for not obtaining planning permission from them for Slieve Gullion.

A spokesperson for the council said “we alone at the council decides what is allowed in our district, even the ‘supreme being’ is answerable to us. God cannot just create mountains and oceans wherever he feels and he therefore must bow down before us just like the rest of our minions err. I mean ratepayers.”

A spokesperson for “God” said that he was hopeful that the mountain could be retained and he will be using the argument that it has been there for years, but admitted that he was more concerned that Building Control in Newry might force him to retrofit a “disabled lift” In an unprecedented move, God has offered his “powers of healing” to ensure that all visitors can reach to top of the mountain, however it is understood that many people form Newry are upset with this offer as it may result in many residents having to give up their ‘disabled blue badges’, DLA and Motability Cars.

God’s appeal will be decided on 28 June at Monaghan Row.