Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

The Chief Executive of the Newry, Mounre & Down District Council is set to take to the bin lorry in order to justify her £151,000 per year salary we can reveal.

The massively over paid council chief is in the middle of a furore and backlash from the bin men of the area for a plethora of broken promises and inaction in the refuse department.

One bin man Wheelie McBin told us:

“I think it is great news that Marie will jump on the lorry and give us a hand in picking up the bins. While we are treated like the shite we collect she sits on her hole getting around £11.7k a month while we are getting slaughtered for pittance.

I hope she also comes out on weekly community litter picks to help the community in which she bleeds dry. I suppose time will tell.”

We tried to reach Marie Ward for comment but she was in some spa getting pampered.

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