Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

Newry Mourne & Down Council Chairperson Laura Devlin will be on this evenings episode of The Chase we can reveal.

Councillor Devlin didn’t actually apply to be on the show however instead the Council put her forward in a desperate attempt to win funds to pay for Chief Executive Marie Ward’s £140,000 plus per year wages.

We spoke with Chairperson Devlin who told us:

“We are not allowed to tell how the show recording went but fuck it, I was put off after only getting one question right on the cash builder, my strength is not exactly in the quizzing sector.”

The Council has admitted that they sent Councillor Devlin in an attempt to raise funds for Mrs Ward’s wages after Sinn Féin’s Micky ‘The Brain’ Larkin refused to go to Britain on a ‘non-operational’ matter.

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