Sat. Nov 28th, 2020


Newry ISIS members and large sections of the Islamic community in the area have reacted furiously after the Newry, Mourne & Down District Council passed a motion banning the Burka in public and banning the Burkini in seaside areas such as Warrenpoint.

The motion was passed after complaints from the public that clearly ‘hot’ chicks were being forced to cover head to toe in black sheets and hoods.

One Newry man Paddy ‘The Perv’ told us:

“When the sun is out we all want to see the women’s bits and pieces, low cut tops and short skirts are the order of the day here in Newry, we don’t want to see these Muslim girls who clearly have nice bodies walking around like giant black umbrellas, so fair play to the Council for making this brave decision.”

But Derrybeg based ISIS leader Jihadi Paddy told us:

“We shall be protesting this decision in the strictest of terms. We will be at Warrenpoint beach with our fully covered girls. Just look out for a mass of black cloth flaying about in the water.”

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