Controversy surrounds the release of the new ‘Barcroft Barbie’ by Smyth’s toy store. It depicts a young pregnant woman with a feg in her mouth.

We spoke to Mattel the makers of the doll about the idea behind it, their spokesman Peter Lego told us:

“This is a real and true depiction of 99% of pregnant women in Newry. Have you ever tried to get in to Daisy Hill Hospital? All those pregnant women smoking at the door?

Well, this is what was part of the reasoning behind the ‘Barcroft Barbie’ the other aspect of it was, I spent a week undercover in Barcroft, Jesus wept, some yokes walking around thon estate.”

Newry, Mourne & Down District Council have said they are happy with the doll saying it looks like the average depiction of its citizenship and they are encouraging people to go out and buy one.