Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

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Conor McGregor has switched his suit providers from McCartan Bros to Louis Boyd’s we can reveal.

After we broke the story last year (read here) that McCartan Bros won the contract to dress Irish UFC star Conor McGregor we can now reveal that Louis Boyd’s have stolen McGregor and are now the EXCLUSIVE outfitters for the UFC star.

McGregor is due to fight in an epic rematch on Saturday against Nate Diaz who beat him in their last fight.

We spoke with Gary ‘The curly hair dude from Boyd’s’ who is over in Las Vegas with McGregor to make sure his suits are on point. He told us:

“After seeing McCartan Bros suiting up Conor last year we wanted a piece of the action. We opened talks with Conor and he visited our shop in Newry. He wasn’t interested in us but by the time I got talking to him he left the shop with 3 pair of Levis jeans, 2 pairs of shoes and 7 shirts. Now he can’t get enough of us.”

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