Fri. Nov 27th, 2020


The clash of the coffee titans is set to erupt in Newry it has been revealed.

Over the past three months tensions have been rising between the two coffee house giants in Newry ‘Grounded’ & ‘McCooey’s’ with either side backing down.

Grounded have spoken of their distain of McCooey’s attempts to garner public support by their outlandish and quirky blackboard signs placed outside the business and has called the move ‘cheap’ and ‘contemptible’.

But we spoke to the CEO of McCooey’s Lianne McCooey from atop of her banter perch where she told us:

“I don’t really listen to Graeme Finegan to be honest. He walks around Newry thinking he’s the new Alan Sugar, he’s more like Alan Titchmarsh fuck sake.”

But Finegan broke his silence and told Newry Spud:

“I’m sick of her now. Bloody big ginger knows it all coming here from Newtown with her smart arse blackboard musings! Nobody cares how witty it is; it’s about the coffee, the expensive overpriced coffee.”

A Newry PSNI spokesman has confirmed they received calls from the public over the heightened tensions in the area and have called for calm and for cool heads to prevail.

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