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A Cobbles bouncer has denied that he has a ‘God complex’ despite evidence suggesting otherwise we can reveal.

Bouncer David Thickhead who mans the doors at Cobbles said he may be a bit cruel and arrogant at times but he denies that he thinks he’s the God of the universe while manning the doors.

He told Newry Spud:

“Fair enough, I take pleasure seeing the faces on the unfortunate lot I refuse entry to. One of my favourite things is to tell them to walk around the town and come back in an hour and see how they are, I have no fucking intentions ever letting them in LOL.”

Despite the bouncer’s denials, the opinion around Newry is that he is a bag of shit with a serious God Complex.

The bouncer shot to fame last year when he told bar staff not to serve Sinn Fein Councillor Charlie Casey.

A court later heard that the security professional was punched so hard in the forehead that he lost the ability to blink on his own accord for over a week.

Casey was found not guilty on grounds that it was in Newry’s best interests that he remained free.

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