Sun. Nov 29th, 2020


Sinn Féin’s Charlie Casey will be presenting a lecture in Newry Arts Centre on the topic that many say he knows most about: moustache grooming.

Hipsters and middle-aged men throughout Newry are already growing out the hair on their upper lips to emulate the long-time Councillor.

One Casey supporter told Newry Spud:

“During his time as our Councillor, Charlie has worked hard to represent the interests of Newry citizens. He is known for always being available for a photo beside some discarded rubbish and, of course, having the best moustache on The Council.

To be honest, I think his stellar moustache is single-handedly responsible for endearing him to the good people of Newry.”

One 21 year old hipster is trying to emulate Mr Casey’s tash and told us:

“A moustache like Charlie’s is really attractive to the young ladies. If it worked for Charlie, it can work for me. I tried out the Clark Gable, the Charlie Chaplin, and the Adolf Hitler, but lately I’ve been sporting the Charlie Casey and it’s going down very well.”

The first 200 people through the doors will receive a complimentary sample-size bottle of Charlie Casey Moustache Wax.

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