Charlie Casey Reveals In An Phoblacht Interview He Is Reincarnation Of Alf Garnett.


Local Sinn Fein councillor Charlie Casey has revealed in an interview with the Republican Newspaper An Phoblacht that he believes he is the reincarnation of the fictional television character Alf Garnett.

Casey who sports his famous moustache has revealed that he shaves the moustache religiously every morning but by the time he’s had his boiled eggs and cornflakes the moustache magically returns.

Casey told An Phoblacht reporter Alice No-Maskey:

“It’s terrible, I sometimes feel the urge to hate everyone like Alf did in the TV programme ‘Till Death Us Do Part’ but thankfully I have now learned to live with this affliction and control it.

I know I look uncannily like Alf but I can assure my constituents that I am just the ordinary Charlie that they all know and love but for some reason I have a massive love for West Ham United Football Club, the Conservative Party in Britain and Pipe Smoking.”