Shock As Camlough Man Has Fleeting O2 Mobile Phone Signal

A Camlough resident has sparked excitement across the village today after announcing that he picked up a bar of signal while standing by his living room window.

Turlough Lewis who sadly wasn’t quick enough to make the most of the connection told Newry Spud:

“I looked down at my Samsung Galaxy, which I normally just use as a timepiece or a weapon, and I saw a bar. An actual signal bar.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. Unfortunately I only managed to hold onto it for a few seconds, and given that I have no idea how to text, I couldn’t make the most of it.”

Experts have suggested that a disused satellite on a wayward trajectory may have passed directly over the village, acting as a makeshift antenna for a few fleeting moments.

NASA’s Laura Smith said:

“The satellite in question will be destroyed to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Camlough is cut off from the outside world and we are here to make sure it remains that way”.