Sat. Nov 28th, 2020

The small backward little village of Camlough has once again been left isolated from the world in large after a slight wind blew away their phone and Wi-Fi signal we can reveal.

The technical difficulties have come at a bad time for Camlough residents, many of whom have never had even a fleeting signal on their phones or Wi-Fi in their homes.

Camlough’s internet has been supplied from a single 56K Wi-Fi modem in a store room in Hughes Nisa since they first got connected online in 2018.

One local Camlough man Turlough Lewis told us:

“Yet again Camlough is left in the dark ages when a fleeting slight breeze came through the village taking our mobile phone signal and Wi-Fi signal with it. We are only catching up on the new things online such as Limewire and Bebo. It’s so unfair.”

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