Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

An independent enquiry has been launched today after a photo emerged of independent Councillor Gavin Malone buying Milk tray en masse from Dan Gregory’s shop.

Mr Malone has come under fire from other Councillors with allegations that he is buying votes with chocolates.

One Councillor Michael Savage of the SDLP who didn’t want to be named told us:

“This is blatantly illegal and wrong. Councillor Malone is very obviously buying votes with Milk Tray confectionery. This is the exact same as going around and giving people a tenner for a vote.

He must be stopped before he buys every vote in the constituency although granted he is focusing in on the over 70’s vote but that is enough to get anyone voted in. I will be making a strong recommendation that Mr Malone is banned from all local shops selling chocolates.”

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