Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021


Buttercrane Shopping Centre has released the photos of the final six babies in the search for Newry’s cutest baby.

In a close and somewhat wide ranging competition that has seen parents falling over themselves to win a small tub of Sudocrem and hamper of miscellaneous shite that the Buttercrane couldn’t shift with a snow plough Newry Spud has EXCLUSIVE access to the final six stunning entrants.

Buttercrane’s spokesman Eddie Lynch told Newry Spud:

“We are so excited to name the final six sprogs. If truth was told we just picked them out of a hat, they all look a bit the same after the 500th photo. We just hope that our final decision is accepted and the parents don’t take it to heart if their wee one isn’t in the final.”

The PSNI have told Newry Spud that they are stepping up patrols around the Buttercrane tomorrow in case parents of those not shortlisted attack the manager of the Centre in what PSNI sources have called ‘a real and viable dangerous possibility.”

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