Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

A Burren couple have unfortunately announced that they have decided to divorce, but have said that they’d still like to stay brother and sister.

Peadar & Grainne got married three years ago, but things turned ugly at Bellini’s on Merchant’s Quay last week.

Peadar told Newry Spud:

“Things haven’t been right for a while now to be honest. But last week in Bellini’s I saw he chatting up her other brother, my half brother and nephew and I told her to stop it but she glassed me in the face with a bottle.

Obviously, I wasn’t very happy with that so when we got home, I told her that we need to face facts and that the marriage wasn’t working. She agreed so we then applied for a divorce online. I want to keep the house but so does she so we are going to have to have a fight about that one.”

Grainne added:

“I don’t have much choice but to him as a brother. This divorce can be done in a nice way but I do want the house.”

The couple are now dating (other people, not each other).

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