Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

Tom Daley the British Olympic diver was admitted today to Daisy Hill hospital after a visit to Newry swimming pool we can reveal.

The Olympian who is in Newry to be married on Saturday to his boyfriend film director Dustin Lance-Black who is originally from Ballyholland spoke to Newry Spud from his hospital bed and told us:

“I wanted to get some time in the pool but after only 8 minutes in Newry’s pool my skin began to peel and the doctors are trying to save my left foot which seems to have picked up some kind of disease.”

A Newry pool spokeswoman confirmed the story saying:

“Tom is obviously used to high quality pools and water of the highest clean standards. Unfortunately for him we don’t actually clean the pool until this August so he clearly picked up some Newry disease. We wish him and his missing foot a speedy recovery”.

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