Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

Speculation in the Newry & Armagh areas about a new election candidate has been rife after local Café owner Lianne McCooey sent an image out on Facebook yesterday of her using the iconic Barack Obama ‘Hope’ image of herself along with a list of manifesto promises.

Newry Spud can EXCLUSIVLEY reveal that Ms McCooey WILL stand as an Independent candidate in the upcoming March Assembly Elections.

We spoke with Ms McCooey tonight where she was meeting with her election agent Davy Hyland and her core team of canvassers Marty Bogroll, Tony Smith and Lofty Larkin and she told us:

“Well it’s time for change like. I put in for one of them wooden pellet burner yokes and was turned down, so, for me it’s personal. I want to offer an alternative to the Newry people from the same old Green & Orange politics, well; Ginger politics is the new norm for this area. Vote McCooey, early and often baah.”

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