Sun. Jan 24th, 2021

The former fastest man on the planet has revealed that his secret to running like crazy was just imagining he’s in the ghetto district of Carnaget.

The world’s best athlete in a generation Bolt said that it’s not all about physical strength and athleticism, but also visualisation.

He told Newry Spud:

“I worked hard in training, but when it came down to the race, I go to a certain place in my head. I used to visualise being somewhere that’s so dangerous that I must run for my life.

I used to imagine being chased by a pack of angry dogs, but now I just picture myself in Carnagat or Parkhead in Newry. Nobody wants to be in a place like that, and the natural instinct is to run like fuck. So that’s basically what I used to do”.

When asked if he thinks he could anyone could ever beat his 200m world record he set in 2009, he said:

“Possibly, although they would have visualise themselves being somewhere truly terrifying like Derrybeg or something.”

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